Thursday, January 12, 2012


밀애 (Mil-ae)

 Director : Byeon Yeong-joo(변영주)

Cast : Kim Yun-jin(김윤진)
Lee Jong-won(이종원)

Genre : Fear/Thriller
Running Time : 95min 35mm
Opening Date : Nov 08, 2002


A woman in red sweater visits the thirty-year-old housewife, Mi Heun. She calls Mi Heun's husband darling. With that single word, Mi Heun's' loses the meaning of her life. It was a dreadful terror on a Christmas afternoon.

Mi Heun and her family lead their life as there had been nothing wrong in Butterfly village. However, Mi Heun suffers from sharp headache from unknown reason after that night.

In Gyu
In Gyu, the doctor loves fishing at nearby lake and meets a woman and sleeps with her like fishing. About the time he has gotten accustomed to the lazy rural life, he meets her, Mi Heun.

"Don't you wanna play a game with me?"
In Gyu speaks to Mi Heun who is sitting with a blank look. Mi Heun runs away from him but she can't stop thinking about him.
"Am I good?"
In Gyu answers to her question with all his effort. At the verge of her life that she thought her life has collapsed, she is in the trap of having-sex-but-not-falling-in-love game. She gets indulged in this game without knowing it.

The vacant place
"I though everything would be OK..".
Mi Heun's husband wanted to make a pond in their garden from long time ago. It was his hope to live happily ever after raising fish in the pond. However, there is no wife, Mi Heun but the pond alone. His wife walks out from the path that leads to the hotel. He doesn't want to admit the prevalent gossip about her wife but...

Supporting Cast
Ha Seung-ri
Kim Jeong-tae

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