Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Gisaeng Story

신기생뎐 (Sin-ki-saeng-dyeon)

 Directed by : Lee Yeong-hee (이영희), Son Moon-kwon (손문권)
Screenplay by : Im Seong-han (임성한)
Cast Lim Soo-hyang (임수향), Seong Hoon (성훈), Han Hye-rin (한혜린), Kim Bo-yeon (김보연)

SBS | Airing dates : 2011/01/22~Now airing
Broadcasting dates :
Jan 22, 2011 ~ 

A drama combined with art and refinement, drawing the love, sorrow and pain around the characters of a group of ‘gisaeng’s

Other Information:

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