Monday, August 8, 2011

Life is Beautiful

인생은 아름다워 (Insaengeun Areumdawo)

Title: 인생은 아름다워 / Insaengeun Areumdawo / Life is Beautiful
Chinese Title : 美丽人生
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: SBS
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45
Broadcasting dates :
Mar 13, 2010 ~ Aug 29, 2010

The story of a family comprised of multiple generations living on Jeju Island.


Yang family
Kim Yong-rim as Mother
Kim Young-cheol as Yang Byung Tae
Kim Hae-sook as Kim Min Jae
Yoon Da-hoon as Yang Byung Keol
Jang Mi-hee as Jo Ah Ra
Kim Sang-joong as Yang Byung Joon
Song Chang Ui as Yang Tae Sub
Lee Sang Yoon as Yang Ho Sub
Nam Gyu Ri as Yang Cho Rong

Lee family
Lee Min-woo(a) as Lee Soo Il
Woo Hee-jin as Yang Ji Hye
Jung Da Bin as Lee Ji Na

Park family
Lee Sang Hoon (이상훈)
Jo Mi-ryeong as Yang Soo Ja
Kang Yi Suk

Other people
Nam Sang-mi as Boo Yeon Joo
Lee Sang Woo as Kyung Soo
Yoo Min as Chae Young
Kim Woo Hyun (김우현)

Production Credits
Scriptwriter: Kim Soo Hyun
Producer: Jung Eul Young

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