Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Try to Remember

우리 만난 적 있나요 (Woo-ri Ma-nan Jeok Iss-na-yo)

Directed by Lim Jin-pyeong (임진평)
•Screenplay by Lim Jin-pyeong (임진평)
Opening Date : Nov 25, 2010

A man and a woman, despite hardly met before, they have been suffering the same dream and the same deja vu. A magnetic force leads them to Andong, the historic elegant city, and they find the anonymous woman’s 450 year-old letter in a museum. A fantastic melodrama about love transcending time and space.

This is a fantasy romance between Eun-gyo, who strangely felt a déjà vu in Andong, and In-woo, who felt an unknown sadness after he read a letter of a woman in 450 years-old grave.

Yoon Soy 윤소이 As In-woo (인우)
Park Jae-jeong 박재정 As Eun-gyo (은교)
Ma Dong-seok 마동석
Jeong Man-sik 정만식
Park Won-sang 박원상
Ki Se-hyeong 기세형

Who says treasure hunts have to be done on foot?
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