Tuesday, July 5, 2011

71-Into the Fire

포화 속으로 (Po-hwa Sok-eu-ro)

•Directed by Lee Jae-han (이재한)
•Screenplay by Lee Man-hee (이만희)
Opening Date : Jun 17, 2010

Cha Seung-won 차승원 As North Korean officer, Park Moo-rang (북한군 장교, 박무랑)
Kwon Sang-woo 권상우 As Student soldier, Koo Kap-jo (학도병, 구갑조)
Choi Seung-hyeon 최승현 As Student soldier reader, Oh Jang-beom (학도병 리더, 오장범)
Kim Seung-woo 김승우 As Kang Seok-dae (강석대)
Park Jin-hee 박진희 As Hwa-ran (화란)
Kim Hye-seong 김혜성 As Student soldier Yong-man (학도병 용만)
Just count the teh tarik glasses? Even nenek can win this lah!

See the first Potato to walk on the “moon”.

PMR jitters? U aren’t alone! There’s a whole #TutorTVPMR community to help u prepare better here 

Can’t tear urself away from FB even with SPM around the corner? Put it to a good use!
With WebMatrix, developing websites has never been easier!
Hey guys! Wanna catch your favourite local band rocking the stage for Incubus' opening? Cast your vote now! 
F&N’s Big Fun Fest is back. Come to Bukit Bintang on the 23rd of July and join the biggest dance mob in town!
Girls or Boys, whose got more guts to take this challenge?

Smartphones Made Affordable, OMG!
Did somebody say Shopping Spree!?

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