Wednesday, November 23, 2011


요술 (Yo-sool)

•Directed by Koo Hye-seon (구혜선)
•Screenplay by Koo Hye-seon (구혜선)
Opening Date : Jun 24, 2010

To Myoung-jin, who is merely a cello student at his music school, Jung-woo is seen as the most brilliant musical genius. When Myoung-jin suddenly receives news to audition alongside with Jung-woo, he asks Ji-eun to be his accompanist.

Myung-jin is surprised to learn that Ji-eun has already been asked by Jung-woo to be his accompanist, and to play the same piece at that, but Ji-eun is unable to refuse their touching offers. Come audition day, Jung-woo and Myoung-jin are both unable to audition, due to Jung-woo’s grand mistake. Shortly after, Jung-woo faints while playing Ji-eun’s composition, “Magic,” and Myung-jin has no choice but to continue in his place. As Myung-jin nurses Jung-woo back to health, he gives him musical lessons.

As Jung-woo’s health deteriorates, he gradually begins to learn about the depth of “Magic.” Jung-woo asks Ji-eun about the truth of “Magic,” but she hesitates; the more he wavers from Ji-eun to Myung-jin to “Magic,” Jung-woo waxes cynical. Ji-eun, unable to withstand Jung-woo’s change, runs out, but Jung-woo stops her from doing so. Myung-jin, on the other hand, cannot hide his feelings anymore and kisses Ji-eun...

Lim Ji-gyoo 임지규 As Myeong-jin (명진)
Seo Hyeon-jin 서현진 As Ji-eun (지은)
Kim Jeong-wook 김정욱 As Cellist, Jeong-woo (첼리스트, 정우)
Son Yeong-soon 손영순 Choi Il-hwa 최일화

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