Monday, October 3, 2011

Desire To Kill

죽이고 싶은 (Jook-i-go Sip-eun)

•Directed by Jo Won-hee-I (조원희), Kim Sang-hwa (김상화)
•Screenplay by Jo Won-hee-I (조원희), Kim Sang-hwa (김상화)
•92min |
Opening Date : Aug 26, 2010

The man who wanted to die meets someone he wants to kill!
Min-ho always tries to commit suicide. He is in the hospital long term from a brain disorder and suicide attempts when Sang-eob joins his room. It's the man Min-ho would risk his life to find and kill. He has amnesia and is fully paralyzed but Min-ho can't let him off easy. Although Min-ho isn't in the best health, he has to live if he wants to kill Sang-eob.

The man who survived death meets an irritating man!
One day, Sang-eob opens his eyes to find himself a hospital room. He doesn't know who he is and he can't move a muscle. Min-ho is in the next bed with powerful eyes. They're both patients, but he's irritating. Every time Sang-eob wakes up, his head hurts, his body aches. As his memory returns, he remembers hostile things about Min-ho.

August 2010, an extraordinary combat between the two men begins.

Cheon Ho-jin 천호진 As Kim Min-ho (김민호)
Yoo Hae-jin 유해진 As Park Sang-eob (박상업)
Seo Hyo-rim 서효림 As Nurse Ha (하 간호사)
Lee Jeong-heon 이정헌 As Teacher Choi (최 선생)
Ra Mi-ran 라미란 As Nurse Soo (수간호사)
Ahn Eun-jeong 안은정

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