Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bang-ja Chronicles

방자전 (Bang-ja-jeon)

Directed by Kim Dae-woo (김대우)
Opening Date : Jun 03, 2010

'Bang-ja Chronicles' (BANGJAJEON) is a motion picture twist to Chunhyangjeon, a classic Korean romance novel. In this new film, Kim changes its plot - in the original novel, it's a love story of Mongryong and Chunhyang, but in the film, Bangja, Mongryong's servant, joins in to make it a love triangle.

Kim Joo-hyeok plays Bangja, Ryoo Seung-beom as Mongryong and Jo Yeo-jeong as Chunhyang. The film opens on June 3.

The original novel has been adapted into movies several times, most notably as SEONG CHUNHYANG in 1961 by Shin Sang-ok. Starring Choi Eun-hee and Kim Jin-gyu as Chunhyang and Mongryong, respectively, it was one of the first full color-cinemascope Korean films. Veteran director Im Kwon-taek also made his own adaptation CHUNHYANG in 2000, starring Jo Seung-woo and Lee Hyo-jeong.

Kim Joo-hyeok 김주혁 As Bang-ja (방자)
Ryoo Seung-beom 류승범 As Lee Mong-ryong (이몽룡)
Jo Yeo-jeong 조여정 As Choon-hyang (춘향)
Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong 류현경 As Hyang Dan-i (향단이)
Jeong Yang 정양 As Wol-lae (월래)
Kim Seong-ryeong 김성령 As Wol-mae (월매)

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