Monday, August 22, 2011


나탈리 (Na-tal-li)

•Directed by Joo Kyeong-joong (주경중)
•Screenplay by Joo Kyeong-joong (주경중), Kim Wook (김욱)
Opening Date : Oct 28, 2010

People who have build a wall around themselves. A sculptor Jun-hyeok, an art critic Min-woo, and a modern dance student Mi-ran. A mystery melodrama about the love and secrets of the three people.

Lee Seong-jae 이성재 As Joon-hyeok (준혁)
Kim Ji-hoon-I 김지훈 As Min-woo (민우)
Yeon-woo Hyeon-jin 연우현진 As Mi-ran (미란)
Kim Gi-yeon-I 김기연 As Park Hyo-rim (박효림)
Kim Eun-kyeong (김은경) As Ballerina ( 무용출연)
Kang Jin-joo (강진주) As Ballerina (무용출연)

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